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Staten Island Painters For A Day provide professional Interior Painters in Staten Island, NY for hire available to do quality commercial & residential interior painting for very fair price. No project too large or small.

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We providing speedy yet quality services to prevent significant loss of business time for you or employees.


A fresh paint job on your home’s interior can also protect your walls and refurbish them long after you move.

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We are professional painters with years of experience providing high quality interior painting to both commercial and residential painting clients

When your hire professional Painters provided by Painters For A Day your painters will have and all the painting equipment and supplies needed to complete the job (commercial grade filler, caulking, tape, plastic and more). You can choose to hire 1 Painter for a half day (4 Hours of painting for $250) or hire 1 Painter for a full day (8 hours of painting for $450), or hire 2 professional Painters for a full day (8 hours of painting for $850).

Drywall Repair
Interior Painting
Wood Staining
Wallpaper Removal

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"Best in the whole NYC area and Jersey!!...they painted our 3 rooms and two small baths in no time at all, cleaned up and was out of there!!...their work qualities and auras were awesome!!...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!."

- Jeremy Larson

"I had Wayne and his guys paint my whole house. I am more than pleased with their work. They are pros. Quality of work is very high and they finished within the time frame I wanted. I will be using them again in a couple weeks to paint my office. Highly Recommended!"

- Eric Hart

"Despite a blizzard, they managed to paint my apartment in a timely manner. Accommodating and skillful. Thanks for everything!"

- Alec Ferretti

"They were great!!! I’m very particular about precision painting , and they cut in perfectly! They were eager to have me assess their work, and it really was perfect. I will definitely use them again!"

- Tim Sample

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When it comes to finding reliable and skilled painters in Staten Island, NY, look no further than Staten Island Painters For A Day. With an impressive track record spanning over a decade, we have established ourselves as a premier Painting Company in the region. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to providing professional painters for hire sets us apart as a trusted choice for both commercial and residential interior painting projects.

Choosing Staten Island, NY Painters For A Day means choosing a partner who understands the importance of delivering exceptional results. Our professional painters are not only skilled in their craft, but they are also passionate about bringing your painting visions to life. Whether you're revamping a house, enhancing an apartment's aesthetics, or adding a touch of color to a commercial space, our team is equipped to handle a diverse range of projects with precision and expertise.

With Staten Island Painters For A Day, you have the convenience of making your painting project a hassle-free experience. You supply the paint, indicate the areas you'd like painted, and our team will take care of the rest. Our mission is to make your vision a reality, and we take pride in relieving you of any worries associated with the painting process. Trust us to bring professionalism, creativity, and a keen attention to detail to every brushstroke, resulting in an end product that truly reflects your style and preferences.

Hire the best Painters in Staten Island, NY to work on your painting project

Check out our affordable prices and get started today!